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A True Story About A Band and a Uniform

Once upon a time there was no marching band at Falcon High School, and the director who started there in 2005 was determined to keep it that way. You see, many directors experience burnout and it is often due to marching band.

Alas this director had a wise mentor named Dr. Cannava who suggested that a marching band would be a good thing but that he (the director of Falcon HS, James Divine) should be the one to control the time expenditure. This sounded good to Mr. Divine, so in 2007 he started a marching band.

They met one day a week and performed in a local parade. The band consisted of 17 dedicated members. In the year 2008, things looked pretty much the same except the band grew to 24 members. Our uniform was a white polo shirt with black pants.

In 2009, we performed our first "show." It was only about 2-3 minutes long and was titled "Pirates." Mr. Divine wrote the choreography (it was bad) but it was our first show. We even went to a competition...our first ever. It was also the year Colorado received an early freeze, so at our first competition the first Saturday in October 2009, we performed in 17 degree temperatures in our white polo shirts standing in 2 inches of snow/ice, but it was fun!

It was time to get a real uniform!

The 25 band members of that year were really dedicated, so we embarked on a fundraising campaign to purchase new uniforms. We had a sample made specifically for us, but uniforms cost $500 each and to purchase a set of 100 would have cost us $50,000! We managed to raise $3,000. Instead of new, we decided to purchase a used set of uniforms and got a great deal...200 uniforms - some almost brand new - for just $3,000. These are the ones we currently have.

By the way, one of those students from that first show is now one of our percussion coaches, Ms. Hoffstetter.

More shows followed (title and number enrolled in marching band)

2010 - Batman (36) 1st full show with 3 songs
2011 - Carmen (49)
2012 - Beatles (35)
2013 - Flight (32)
2014 - Creatures of the Night (45) and we made state
2015 - Dream On (64)

It's time once again to look into the possibility of getting those new uniforms. The kids deserve it, but there's that $50,000 price tag.

We brought out that sample uniform and the students were so excited! Student leader Ryan modeled it for us.


Time to start raising $50,000...



Thanks Rachel! Glad to see you are still using the cool email address. Mrs. Stratil, those sound like great ideas. I'm already working on something creative for the band fee (so we can stop fundraising). Can you bring those ideas to the boosters? It will be better coming from a parent and the boosters than from me.
I was a part of that first show in 2010 and I can't believe how much the band has grown! New uniforms would be awesome!
Those are beautiful uniforms! Go FalconHigh Marching Band!!
That is a great story and one sharp uniform! The last band we were in had just bought new uniforms. A couple things they did to raise the money was a uniform rental fee. Theirs was $75, but you could do what feels comfortable. They also went out in the community and asked for donations for new uniforms. They did raffles at the football games as well to help. They had a booth set up and announced the winners at half time. This had to be done by the band boosters for some reason. I know you'd have to get permission to do that but it doesn't hurt to ask. These are just a few suggestions. You may have already thought of them.

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