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Don't Be A Fake Donut!

A boy wrote the following story about his visit to the Donut shop:

You have been created as a unique individual, with different talents and gifts than anyone else. Look at people you admire to emulate them take ideas from them and then make them your own.

Our education system seems to value sameness and conformity. There is a time and season for conformity, but not all the time. If all the world were Boston Kremes, it would be boring. If everyone were a frosted chocolate, there would be no excitement.


In a world of donuts, a glob of uncooked dough is not good. It's useless. It's ready for the trash. It's tasteless.

Don't say, "I'm an uncooked glob of dough, but that's who I am. Take it or leave it. I'm not improving myself."

The cooking is what makes the glob of dough better...into a donut. The frosting or filling is what makes it unique. Get cooked properly and then let your uniqueness shine through.

My favorite donut is lemon-filled. What's yours?



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