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HS Soccer Players Would Fail To Shoot Any Goals Without Some Parents

Soccer is one of my favorite sports to play! You can run for hours and not realize you have been running!

I was invited to a High School Girls' Soccer game by one of my students.

What many people don't know is that the game simply could not be played without some of the parents! They offer helpful advice.

Here is a list of some things parents said, and what may have gone on in the players' minds in parentheses.


Kick the Ball (Oh, I thought my bat was missing)


Shoot for the Goal (Thanks, if you didn't remind me, I was going to aim for the stands)


Stay with it (I thought it might be more fun to watch it roll by)


To the goalie, Block It (I was going to let it roll between my legs)


I am so glad that there are parents watching during games. Without their helpful feedback, soccer players would just sit down and watch the ball roll by.


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