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If I don't make it on American Idol, my life is over!

The lottery mentality has become pervasive in our culture. It strikes across all ages and in other areas besides finance. Someone thinks,

"If I can just win the lottery, all my troubles will be over."

This thinking often results in inaction!!!!!

Rather than work hard, study and improve, some people will do nothing and "play the lottery" in all areas of their lives.

Take "America's Got Talent" or "American Idol" for example...A young person says,

"I have put all my heart, soul and dreams into making it on this show. If I don't make it, all my hopes are dashed."


Get real...your life isn't over if you don't make it.

Put that same passion into working on your craft outside of the show. There are many musicians - most whom you have never heard of - who make a decent living doing what they love. They're not rich and famous.

Overnight success in ANY endeavor is a myth.


Maybe we should call it "American Idle." Instead of idling, rev those engines, get to work and avoid the lottery mentality.


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