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Marching Band is Needed Now More Than Ever

Marching band should be a part of the music program at all schools. It adds to many students lives in several ways.

The arts are often one of the first things cut when a school district is cutting their budget, but here are three reasons why marching band is needed now more than ever before.

Marching band is a group activity

Students will find themselves increasingly working as a part of a team when they graduate school and start their careers. ALL members of a team must give 100% ALL the time for a team project to work.

When one person is gone from marching band, it affects the whole team. If one person quits, it affects the whole team. If one person gives less than 100%, it affects the whole team. Everyone participates. There are no bench-warmers in marching band. What great preparation for the post-education world.

Marching Band Is a Non-Digital Activity

Young people are spending more and more time in the virtual world. This isn't inherently bad, but like anything else, it takes practice to learn how to relate and interact with people. It takes time face to face to develop relationships. Experts say that over 70% of communication is non-verbal. That's why bad news in an email is not an effective way to communicate.

Students DO have their electronic devices out at times during breaks, but most of their interactions are face to face with their peers and coaches. They learn how to talk to people, how to express differences of opinion, and how to hold a meeting to deal with problems and issues that arise.

Marching Band Develops Leaders

Most of what I learned as a leader came from

1) Reading about leadership

2) Jumping right in to a leadership position and learning on the job, and

3) Watching what bad leaders do and doing the opposite.

Students in marching band have a chance to develop and hone leadership skills in a safe environment. Almost everyone who wants to be a section leader is given a chance to do so after being in marching band a bit. Drum majors have more authority and responsibility, but they have had a chance to prove themselves and make mistakes as section leaders.


In what other endeavor do the former participants come to help voluntarily and share their experiences. EVERY ONE of my leaders who graduated came back to help at camp this year. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I didn't ask them to; they came because of what marching band did for them as people.

What has marching band done for you? 




So true Tim! As I watch the marching band members around school, I notice they start carrying themselves better with more confidence and better posture. And they walk in step!
Marching Band helps in numerous aspects of life that you wouldn't even think! I was just discussing this with Sammy the other day. On top of the things mentioned above, many of the basic techniques you learn while marching can have an impact on the way you physically carry yourself. First, Marching band helps you to define your posture. Its the simplest of things, but learning how to stand at attention completely changed the way that I would stand outside of rehearsal. I used to be really bad about slouching. I wouldn't even register that I was. But standing at attention helped with that a lot! There are noticeable differences in my posture from pictures before and after I marched. Then you have Roll Step. It provides you with a stable upper body during motion. This is incredibly useful to those who work jobs waiting tables when they have to carry heavy trays to tables. Any Service industry job will find this useful! Stabs are amazingly helpful as well as they stop forward motion. Sammy and I used this when exiting Red Rocks The other day. Marching band impacts everyone's lives in surprising ways. I didn't even mention the coordination it teaches! Its truly a great activity to get involved in.

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