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My child forgot his lunch. What do I do?

Child Eating Lunch

When my son was in seventh grade, his school called me.

"Is it ok if we charge the cost of lunch to his school account? He forgot his lunch" the secretary asked.

"Is it ok to just let him go hungry?" I responded.

"Yes. We like to ask because some parents get upset."

I have never heard of a kid dying of starvation by missing one meal. He did go hungry during lunch but never forgot it again!

Help kids learn easy lessons when they are young to avoid the harder lessons when they are older.

Kids learn by failing...sometimes we are afraid of letting kids fail. 

If your student forgets his lunch, instrument, project, homework assignment, jacket, etc...why not let him suffer the consequences?

Aren't small lessons and mistakes better than the big ones they will make if they don't learn now.


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