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Overnight Success is a Myth!

We often see someone - in the entertainment or sports industry especially - that people describe as an overnight success. This is a myth!


You are successful - or a failure - not overnight, but as a result of a series of choices made over many days, weeks, years.

The successful musician spent many years practicing daily, making the choice to not watch tv, or missing out on some other activity.

The successful athlete spent many hours training, eating right, giving up junk food.

The successful businessperson has made sacrifices, especially early in their business.

The student who fails a test didn't just fail at that one moment. He failed to study over the course of the semester, which resulted in an F on the test.

Marriages rarely fail over a single event...it is usually due to many years of neglecting to build that relationship.

The choice is yours. Put in the hard work, make the sacrifices and you will be successful. 


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