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Teens Today Are Just Plain Cool!

Guest post by my friend Jim Rank. He gave me permission to share this...James Divine

I was privileged to be invited to a Veteran's Day Celebration at a middle school up near Denver. It was nothing short of AWESOME! Everything was done by the students.

I won't attempt to try and tell you all that went on, but I have never been so proud of a group of students, and their teachers. 
What they did will be in the back of our minds forever!

It was heart felt, heart wrenching, heart warming, heart aching, heart swelling - fantastic.
There were around 200 veterans that attended, from every branch of the service, for every war that America was ever involved with, including 2 WWII vets.

I cannot say enough about the presentation that the kids did. It took lots of hours, lots of energy, and a ton of patience to accomplish this feat, this event.

May their efforts never be forgotten, or be looked down on!

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