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The teacher everyone is talking about

A tough teacher today may find himself in trouble with an administrator if a parent complains. Step back and think about this for a moment.

When students discuss their teachers years after graduation, I notice something. Never have I heard a group of young adults say...

"Yeah, I loved his class. He never made me do anything."

"Remember how we all passed the class without doing any work."

But I do hear statements like the following:

"She made us work hard, but she was willing to help. We passed the class - barely - and felt like we accomplished something."

"He made us see what we could achieve and believed in us. He poured his life into getting us to understand."

"I majored in math after discovering how much I liked it in her class. She was tough but fair."

Although students might seem to like an easy teacher, they really want to be challenged to strive for their best. 

Do you have a story of a tough teacher?


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