Falcon HS Band and Orchestra

Mr. Divine - Director, aka Master of the Winds


There once was a little boy whose mom told him he could be anything he wanted…a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer, even the President of the United States. He exceeded all her expectations and became a music teacher. He is now a grown man with four kids (he married his high school sweetheart) and three granddaughters, loves eating pizza, mountain biking and spending time with his family (not necessarily in that order). His shoe size is nine and a half (more on that in a moment).


This all grown up little boy currently teaches at Falcon HS, but still finds time to perform, record and do some public speaking 15-20 times a year. Do you get the feeling he loves music?


Now for the boring, adult stuff…


James earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College in Maine. He received his music education from the Army School of Music, graduating from the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses over a span of ten years and serving in Virginia, Japan and Colorado. He retired from the Colorado National Guard in 2006. He earned his teaching license from Western State College in Colorado and completed a master’s in music education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. James believes in the value of life-long learning! He just doesn’t like TCAP testing.


James is a member of the Colorado Music Educator’s Association, the Colorado Bandmaster’s Association, The Pikes Peak Jazz and Swing Society, the Colorado Association of String Teachers, the American School Band Directors Association and the Colorado Italian Musicmaster’s Association.


James’ life-long goal continues to be to act his shoe size, not his age. Find out more about James at www.jazzysaxman.com.

Ms. (aka Princess) Pearce - Flag Master

There once was a princess who came from many lands. She traveled and traveled until she came across a magic place called Colorado.  She stayed for many years growing from a young girl to a woman facing many battles and made many triumphs. She survived the tunnels and powers-at-be of Sand Creek High School, proclaiming 2009 to be her victor year! Yet, in the darkness of the tunnels, she found her light- Marching Band. Beautiful sounds and colorful flags captivated the princess and she found herself struggling to resist these spectacles.  Before she realized, she was a master of the flag.

Once the battle of Sand Creek had ended, she looked towards the horizon and faced her new adventure at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Her calling was to teach young minds and that is what she planned to do. She crossed the paths of many sorcerers within her craft and looked forward to the day when she was no longer the apprentice. Climbing to the highest point of UCCS, the princess staked claim in 2013. Though, her new found abilities could not ever replace her acquired skill of flags.

Confronted with another adventure, the princess set out to conquer the territory of Falcon High School. This battle was her hardest yet! Multiple sorcerers stood in the way of her ultimate triumph, but she did not worry. She had been trained well and had the skill of flags as an element of surprise. The battle lasted agonizing days. Just as there seemed to be no hope, the sound of success rang through her ears.

Now a sorcerer herself and with flag at her side, she stands proud in front of her pupils!

Mr. Cravens, aka Heroic Waffles - Keeper of the Drums



Agent Waffles’ story begins during his assignment at Coronado HS. The Agent’s affinity for music helped him to infiltrate numerous parts of the band to find his target. He started with the French horn, but quickly discovered his target was not there. He then moved to flute and oboe, but was again left empty handed. It wasn’t until he joined the percussion section that he knew he had the right lead. After getting his target information in 2006, the Agent’s first assignment was marked complete.

While continuing his training at the PPCC facility, Agent Waffles accepted another mission at Fountain High school in 2006. The first stage of the assignment was a moderate success, but due to complications during stage two he was pulled from the assignment in 2007. The agent went through an intensified training program until 2010, focusing on his musical prowess. That is, until Access Agent [REDACTED] decided to test him with a new assignment.

Agent Waffles was dispatched to Falcon High School where he met Principle Agent [REDACTED], Codename: Scary Larry. Scary Larry was the leader of a small spy network that was tasked with a secret mission, Operation: Marching Band. With the use of instruments and flags, the network was to work as a team to hypnotize mass crowds with sonic waves while distracting them with fancy footwork. To make the hypnosis more effective, Scary Larry enlisted the aid of Waffles. His job was to teach the agents in the percussion section different rhythms that would plant various commands in the heads of the audience. The skills of the Agents under his charge improved steadily, as did the effectiveness of the Operation.

The Operation has continued to improve as the years have gone by. Agent Waffles continues to write and teach new rhythms to the agents to this day, happy to be part of Operation: Marching Band.